Atlanta Spine Institute physician, Plas James, MD, was honored to receive the 2023 Hugh C. McLeod Award of Excellence by the Arthritis Foundation on Saturday, October 14, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. This award is presented annually by the Arthritis Foundation Southeast Region to a physician practicing in the state of Georgia who best exemplifies the life and legacy of Dr. Hugh C. McLeod, III, a champion for arthritis awareness and treatment and an arthritis sufferer himself.

Nominations are reviewed by a panel of medical professionals across the state. The award is bestowed upon a physician exhibiting Dr. McLeod’s spirit and qualities and who will continue to influence others to follow in his footsteps in the recognition and treatment of arthritis.

What is the Hugh C. McLeod Award of Excellence?

The Arthritis Foundation initiated the Hugh McLeod Award of Excellence in 2012 to commemorate the values and ideals of Dr. Hugh C. McLeod, III. This award emphasizes Dr. McLeod’s dedication to medicine, his selfless care for patients, and his own battle with arthritis. Each year, it recognizes physicians who embody the spirit and attributes of Dr. McLeod.

About the Arthritis Foundation

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