2015 Summer Newsletter

Welcome To Our Healthy Back Summer Newsletter!

  Back Pain can keep you from enjoying the upcoming hot temperatures and summertime activities. Read our tips below to get ready for Summer! And follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

Back Pain Doesn’t Have To Keep You Down.

  Whether you’ve had spinal surgery or just beginning to have back pain, there are tips and tricks you can use to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. Problems with your spine, such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, back and leg pain, can have a profound impact on you quality of life. This newsletter, my staff, and I are at your service to help you with all of your spinal care needs.

Sports injuries occur more commonly in the Summer. Ankle and knee injuries top the list – unfortunately, when you hurt your ankles and knees it greatly effects your spine as well. Muscle and ligament strains are common injuries of the back that cause back pain.

Whether you’re backpacking the John Muir trail in California or going to your local park’s trail for the first time, you have to be prepared physically. You can put more stress on your spine than necessary if your body isn’t prepared for strenuous activity.

We all love a good pair of flip flops. However, sometimes what we think of as good may not actually be good for our bodies. Certain flip flops or sandals can actually cause us harm.


Red Snapper is low-calorie, lean and has great nutrients. This fish is also a lean source of protein for your body! Get ready for some fine dining in the summer by learning this recipe now!