Conditions of the Spine lead to many of the most difficult challenges in
patient care.  The human spine is subject to an incredible range of
motions.  It must bend and twist and maintain balance.  Patient
Conditions resulting from problems with the spine are what drive the
medical community to develop innovative solutions.

Technology in medicine is becoming increasingly more sophisticated
and Minimal Access Spinal Technologies are allowing for treatment of
herniated discs and other procedures in a much less invasive manner.
These technologies are allowing surgeons to perform procedures with
smaller incisions and less damage to the surrounding tissues.  Minimal
Access Technologies are advancing in every aspect of medicine and will
continue to advance in the area of spinal surgery.

Every patient’s condition is considered unique and our practice
utilizes the most appropriate technologies designed to promote the best
patient outcomes possible.

New Innovations

Back pain is all too familiar to many Americans, 80 percent of whom
will experience at least one severe episode at some time during their
lives.  A common casue of chronic back pain is degenerative disc
disease.  With this condition, the cartilaginous disc that serves as a
cushioned shock absorber between the vertebrae becomes arthritic and
unstable, often causing excruciating pain.  Disc Arthroplasty or total
disc replacement is one option in selected cases for the treatment of
degenerative disc disease.

Disc Arthroplasty or total disc replacement involves removing the
degenerative disc and inserting an artificial one made of a
cobalt-chromium alloy and polyethylene (metal and hard plastic) between
the two vertebral bones.  The artificial disc technology may allow
patients to maintain the motion of the affected disc space.

The Atlanta Spine Institute is proud to be on of the few select
facilities in the US and internationally with the in-house knowledge and
skill to offer this next evolutionary step in spine surgery.