Avoiding Summer Injuries

Avoiding Summer Injuries

Summer is here! The sun is beating on our windows and beckoning us to come out and play, and who are we to say no? Many people are much more likely to want to be outside in the summer. The Summer months bring the homebodies and t.v. watchers out to the world. This is why Summer sports and activities tend to cause more injuries. Some activities include water skiing, skateboarding, bicycling, football, basketball, baseball, jogging, kayaking, and the list goes on. Whether you're waiting for your chance to get out and play or you know somebody who is, be prepared.

Sports injuries occur more commonly in the Summer. Ankle and knee injuries top the list - unfortunately, when you hurt your ankles and knees it greatly effects your spine as well. Muscle and ligament strains are common injuries of the back that cause back pain. These are caused by overuse and improper technique - conveniently we've been mostly indoors all Winter and all of the sudden begin throwing our bodies into combat again.

It's very important to remember to take it slow, especially if you've been taking it easy throughout the Winter and Spring. Stretching and proper technique are the easiest ways to avoid injuring your spine this Summer. Protective gear is also important, depending on the activity. Protective gear can mean the difference between getting back up and visiting the ER.

Conditioning and training are also something to keep in mind. Go ahead and start stretching everyday. Not only does it loosen you up, but it makes you feel better and can improve your posture. This warms up and strengthens the muscles. Try to go for walks or jog more regularly so that you're not overexerting yourself when you finally do get out.

Summer is inevitable and with that can come along inevitable injuries. Do your best to prevent that from happening to you and your family. Keep your spine safe - after all it is your lifeline.

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